The Black body, more so of women, have stood on the opposite side of the narrow Eurocentric standards of beauty. Black hairstyles have defiantly rebelled against and even when straightened added creative magic of Blackness and Boldness. 

Black hair, whether relaxed or natural, locked or shaven is beautiful. Black women are beautiful. 

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SEE // Cartoons on Acid

Inspired by cartoon characters of another era, with raucous figures dancing across fractured, delirious backdrops, the work of Ryan Travis Christian seems almost to have a heartbeat—an irregular, runaway one at that. Behind the bright Disney eyes of his subjects lurk dark secrets, living in a trippy, inside-out world; the otherwise tidy brick houses become monsters and figures are stretched and bent until hardly human.

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Kate Moss for Pop #29 Fall 2013

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A world of yes


A world of yes

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Armon Eastman by Kevin Trinh

Styling by Malcolm Bacani

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My style is black and it’s expensive

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follow me if you have a fashion blog ill follow back! message me your url for a blog rate

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